Disco Fever!

Timmy (Birch Class)

We had the BEST disco EVER!

When I first got there I went to look around and guess what I found?  I FOUND A WHOLE CLASSROOM FILLED WITH SWEETS AND CAKE!  My friends and I had to go in a competition where you had to pass a balloon to the end of the line.  There were two teams; the first team was Miss Sampson’s and the second team was Mr Brecknell’s.  Mr Brecknell’s team won obviously because I was in his team and I win everything!

The School disco was so COOL!

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  1. Katya says:

    I loved the school disco! It was epic…

    This was my last school disco at Cromer Road and I am happy it ended like this; I wouldn’t have wanted to go any other way. Thank you to all the people who organised it, it will be something I’ll never forget.

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