Running like Clockwork!


This extraordinary book is scarey and full of action.  It has been published by Phillip Pullman an amazing author who has also written His Dark Materials.  I would recommend this book to confident readers, aka 10+.

This story is about an apprentice clockmaker named Karl who was picked to make a fIgure for the new clock opening.  He had a whole year to complete it.  However, he had not done it.  Therefore, Karl was very nervous.  One day when Fritz, Karl’s friend, is telling a story at the pub about a man called Dr Kalmenius (who is evil and takes dead bodies at night) the exact description of him appears at the door.  Then everyone runs away except Karl.

Year 5 have been reading Clockwork for around 4 weeks do not read this if you are in Year 4 as there is a possibility you may read it in Year 5!  We recommend it as a 5* for suspense, excitement and adventure. Phillip Pullman is a very clever author as he linked 2, very different, stories in to 1.


  1. What was the name of the apprentice clockmaker?  a) Karl  b) Fritz c) Dr Kalmenius
  2. How long have Year 5 been reading this book for? a) 3 weeks b) 4 Weeks c) 5 weeks.
  3. Which of the following books has Phillip Pullman written? a) His Light Materials b) His Dark Materials c) His Ghostly Materials?
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  1. Hafsa says:

    AMAZING! I wish I had been in miss Sampson class. Your so lucky to have that book with you. Miss Sampson is the THE BEST teacher.

    Willow your the BEST Ever class.

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