Roman Mania!

Hello Blog Club Readers!

Samantha (Juniper Class)

In Year 4 we have been studying Roman Times.  In Rome, Caesar was the emperor.  Everybody loved him but not everybody liked him.  Some people wanted to kill him.  Brutus and Cassius wanted to kill him but Cassius was the most cruel.

When Casesar was being crowned, suddenly a bunch of nobleman rushed in with daggers in their hands.  Something so sad happened, they stabbed him 23 times and then he said to Brutus “I thought you were my friend!”.

After that, in class we made Roman Shields; there were 2 teams, blue and red.  First, we started off by writing our names then we painted the colours that we wanted to.  We let them dry and went on to the accessories.  The colours that we could chose for accessories were gold and silver.

When they were finished, we had a battle in the junior playground.  It was awesome!

Which colour do you think I chose?  (A) blue or (B) red?

Bye Bye!  I hope you liked my blog, see you next time!

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