Year 4 Gladiators!

Rebecca – Elm Class

Hello Blog-club Readers,

As Miss Houchin said in assembly, we are learning about the Romans.

In English, we are learning the story of Julius Caesar because he was one of the most famous emperors in Rome.

In topic, we are making Roman Shields.  We have planned it out and they are turning out really good.  Some of them have had to be blue, some of them have had to be red.  We might take pictures of our shields so look out…

Thank you for looking at my blog.  Look at the other blogs!

PS Now we have shields, if you try to attack us, we will GET YOU!


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7 Responses to Year 4 Gladiators!

  1. Aisha says:

    Why do some HAVE to be blue and red?

  2. Rebecca says:

    PS…We Attacked Ms.Samson She didn’t like It……It will
    come to you….. .-.

  3. charlie o says:

    that sounds really fun!!!! !

  4. Hafsa says:


  5. Hafsa says:

    Your so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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