Mathstastic Lessons in Year 5!

Mary-Kate (Willow) & Hope (Sycamore)

On Friday we had a really cool maths lesson.  We learnt the 24 game.  It was fun but it was tricky!  We have to use a set of number and see how many ways we could make 24!

It could be frustrating and annoying when you couldn’t work it out but most people were able to solve it.

Why don’t you have a try?  How many ways can you make 24 using 2,5,7 & 7?

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3 Responses to Mathstastic Lessons in Year 5!

  1. Katya says:

    The 24 game is SO HARD! I struggled so much making 24 in those games. But, you do get the hang of it.

    By the way, 7+7=14 2×5=10 so, 14+10=24

  2. Danielle says:

    Hi is it 2×5 which equals 10 then add 7 which is 17 then add another 7 and that makes 24!

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