A Peculiar Adventure!

The Peculiars by Kieran Larwood.  (Mary-Kate & Mariyah)

Fancy reading a book about a girl named Sheba?  A crab machine that steals children from the Thames?  Well this is just the book for you!

This action packed book is stuffed with wonder and curiosity and once you start you cannot stop.  Sheba (a wolf-girl) is brave and fierce.  Everybody says she has a wonderful head and face of hair and hands of hair. In fact, she is covered with hair from head to toe.  She is part of a Freak Show and trust us, you really want to read this.  Willow Class have recently been reading this as a class in Guided Reading and our Guided Reading is really fun because we all take it in turns to read aloud.

Write a suggestion in the comments below about a really good book that Willow Class should read next. We hope you enjoyed our blog!

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