Best Day Ever (Year 4)!

Benajmin Franklin Trip 


Hello Blog Club Readers!

Yesterday Juniper Class had the best day ever!  We went to Benjamin Franklin’s house/museum.  First we went in to the house – the floor was very crooked and the floor boards all creaked.  That house is very odd!

Benjamin Franklin was born in the US.  Before he came to the UK he did the key experiment.  He flew a kite in the sky and at the bottom of it was a key.  The lightning struck and the electricity traveled down the kite, in to the key and then in to the ground. Not long after the experiment Benjamin moved to the UK.

His first job was a candle and soap maker with his dad.  There were so many rooms!  I remember the letter room – every day Ben would wake up early and write letters.  Well folks, I have got to go now – Bye!


Hello Blog Club Readers!  Yesterday Juniper Class had the best day ever! We went to Benjamin Franklin’s house.  We went in to the basement because that is where we put our bags down and we introduced ourselves to the people who work there.

Then we we went in the room where one of the work ladies gave us a bunch of antiques and we played a game and it was fun!

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