Stand and Deliver!

The Highwayman – Mariyah and Mary-Kate

Hello blog club readers!

Year 5 have recently been reading the Highwayman book in class and so far, so good! Our class love it because there is a lot of suspense and we would recommned it to people aged 9+.  The illustrations (by Charles Keeping) are indescribable because they have a lot of detail and creativity.

The story is about a Highwayman and a young woman named Bess who are both in love.  Next…wait!  Am I giving away too much information?  I guess I have to stop writing.

Good bye!

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3 Responses to Stand and Deliver!

  1. esampson says:

    You all wrote amazing this stories this week – I’m a very proud teacher! Well done! Ms S

  2. Hafsa says:

    AMAZING! I want you to tell me more because I do not have the book that’s why. Well done ✔ Mariah and marry – kate.

  3. Aisha says:

    I remember when we read the highways in yr 5. What bit r u up to i’d love to know

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