Look out! Internet Safety Day!

Mariyah, Mary-Kate & Alfie

On Tuesday 6th February it was Internet Safety Day.  It is important to stay safe on teh internet as there could be abusive messages, bugs or viruses.  If you find someone being bullied online, help them because it hurts them, mentally, to be bullied with words.  If you are being bullied tell an adult or report them.

When you are playing games and someone is being rude to you try and ignore it.  If they do it again report it, ask somebody to help you or block the person and join somebody else.  Don’t be mean to people on line and remember: treat others the way you would like to be treated!

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  1. Hafsa says:

    Any more advice marry kate Mariah and Alfie.

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    That is wonderful information you have.


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