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Thoughts on Year 6!

Year 6 is a hard year to come in to after a long summer break.  However, it is also good to know that it is your last year in Primary School and your life is moving so quickly it’s unbelievable.  The Year 6 teachers are very supportive of the us but it must be difficult to teach 30 kids in a class! There’s good times and there’s bad times then there’s VERY bad times (like 1 minute of flexi-time, OH NO!).

We’d like to stay at Cromer Road but good times have to end.  We interviewed Year 6 pupils and here’s what they had to say:

Noor, Nathan, Liam and Ryan all  say that they like year 6!  Rahool says that he likes Miss Zanre.  Natasha and Jenifer say that they think you have a lot of responsibility in Year 6 whilst Samien said that there are a lot of hard tests!  Sara agrees that there is a lot of responsibility but thinks that we are setting good examples to others!  Bobby says that he likes Year 6 so far and that the teachers are very funny.  Amelie agrees, saying that there are fun games.

So, we have found out that most people are enjoying Year 6 so far.  Let’s see what they think at the end of the year…

Ben & Ella

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Rocky Experiments!

Ella & Jude (Beech)

On Friday, after lunch, we had science.  We had rocks, vinegar and water.  Olivia put the water in a cup and put the rock in to that.  It was like the rocks drank the water, they absorbed it!  Then we put the rock in some vinegar. Then we watched to see if it would fizz up.  It didn’t.  After we had wet the rocks and they dried up, they had another layer of rock on them.





Top Fact:  Did you know?  If you put vinegar on a rock and it fizzes then it is chalk.

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Mathstastic Lessons in Year 5!

Mary-Kate (Willow) & Hope (Sycamore)

On Friday we had a really cool maths lesson.  We learnt the 24 game.  It was fun but it was tricky!  We have to use a set of number and see how many ways we could make 24!

It could be frustrating and annoying when you couldn’t work it out but most people were able to solve it.

Why don’t you have a try?  How many ways can you make 24 using 2,5,7 & 7?

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Meet our New Deputy!

By Mariyah & Ben (Willow Class)

Cromer Road is  very lucky to have a new deputy head called Ms Alpern.  The students of year five have interviewed her and here is some the information we have found out.

This fantastic deputy head loves English and maths. Especially she likes doing problem solving and writing. She is an excellent baker who really enjoys reading and listening to music.

Interestingly, she went to Broadfield primary school in Edgware and stayed there from reception to Year 6.  She has taught at Pinner Park Infant School for 8 years and then Summerswood Primary School, also for 8 years.

She said that she would like to improve our learning environments with a focus on interactive learning.

Good news!  She has said that she would like to teach any class here in school as the children are all fantastic!

We hope Miss Alpern has a wonderful time at Cromer Road and that she enjoys her new job as deputy head.

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