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Year 4 – Sept ’14

Lenny (Juniper Class)

We are doing lots of learning in Maths.  Today we were learning about numbers to the nearest 10 and everyone completed it! We all passed and my class did well.


Rebecca (Elm)

Hello!  Year 4 is learning about Africa, here are some facts:

Did you know that Africa is the 2nd largest continent in the world?  And in the 1950’s and 1960’s many oral stories from Ghana were written down so they could be used in school?

Thank you for reading!


Ki-myrah (Elm)

We are having an amazing topic! It is the continent called Africa. Did you know Africa covers 6% of the world and is the second largest continent in the world?  Madagascar is off the coast and has some of the most wildlife but there are problems with tourists!

We love our topic, Africa!

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Year 3 Sept ’17

Kayson & De’Niro  (Maple Class)

In Year 3 our topic is Rocks.  Did you know in the Stone Age they didn’t have electricity?  They did not have beds?  There are different types of rocks.

In class we put some rocks in a cup with water.  We then added in some vinegar.  And then the rock fizzed and white bubbles came out! We did different experiments.  Some rocks float and some sink!  We put the rocks in water to see if the water would change colour and it did!

We love our topic about Rocks! We like our topic because it is fun!

Ella & Jude D (Beech Class)

On Jeans for Genes day we first did some maths and after we went to the hall to do some drama.  We pretended to swim around the hall!  We went to see the biggest fish that no one has seen. We played a game called ‘freeze’ where we froze as fish and then took pictures of it!  After drama we went to lunch.

Mrs Lapham made some funny faces and it was the best day ever!


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