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Yr 5 Football Fairness


We are concerned with our lunchtime football being too aggressive.  Here’s our advice… (Jamie, 5B and Noor, 5HT)

Slide Tackles:

Slide tackles are very rough and people are getting injured because of slide tackling.  People are starting to complain.  Please stop.  We want our play times to be fun in school.  Thank you!


Goalies and strikers are the most popular players in Year 5, it’s unimaginable the fighting over it!  We want to see nice games of football, starting from today…

Tackling and Slide Tackling:

Tackling and slide tackling is now being too aggressive and arguments are going on about football.  We want you to play nicely with each other. Arguments with referees are unacceptable!


If someone collides with you while playing you DO NOT push them!  You tackle them or let them have the ball.  I recommend you give them the ball to avoid any injuries.  Thank you!



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Year 4 (19.6.2017)

Shield Yourself!

We painted on a sheet of card in red then we decorated the shields.  We had gold and silver foil and cut out some designs and stuck them on to the shields.  We had three lessons to finish the shields.  When we had finished we took pictures and pretended to be in the roman army.

It was really fun being in the Roman Army.  If Cromer Road School  is ever attacked Year 4 will help you!  (Ben, 4H)

Sheids  029027

The Kilometer Run

4H has done the Kilometre run two times every week.  The length of the Km run is two times around the field.  Some people do it 3 times around the field!  The people that do it 3 times are: Dexter, Ethan, Ben, Alex, Zhane, Nicholas, Charlie and Varun.  I am happy to say that 4H are the fittest and they are improving their class time!  (Ethan, 4H)

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Year 3 (19.6.2017)

Happy Hindu Temple Trip!

I went on a school trip to a Hindu Temple and when we got there we saw a really enormous temple!  Inside all of the temple was made out of marble there were gold and silver statues of Hindu Gods.  We saw a show about these Hindu people.  Our guide showed us a lot of things and he spoke to us and we asked him questions.  After that, we saw lots more golden statues then we had lunch at the park.  (Dina, 3C)

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Year 5

Egyptian Day (2 unique perspectives)!

Last Wednesday in Year 5 it was Egyptian Day!  Ancient Egyptians has been our topic all term.  Did you know how they made the mummies?  They cut their belly open, removed the organs a part from the heart and filled it with salt!  They also removed the brain by hooking it through the nose.  To preserve the body, they poured oil over it and wrapped it in linen.  You better watch out!

We made ink by crushing and grinding charcoal.  After that, we add gems/brown/white rocks and we kept grinding and crushing. When it’s like powder we added water.  We practiced writing hieroglyphics on normal paper and when we were ready we got a reed pen and wrote on the papyrus. I wrote my name (Noor).  (Noor, 5HT)

Perfume Cones

Me and Liam made a cinnamon, lavender seeds, honey rock perfume cone with wax.  We sealed it over so when it was dry the wax would smell like that.  We were only allowed to use 3 materials each but me and Liam  did it together.  We put it in our bag and then we did something else…

Bread Making

Me and Liam made some bread but it was disgusting because it had 2 spoonfuls of salt!  Do not use too much salt!  Then we used some water and flour then we mixed it and made the dough in to whatever shape we wanted.  Then you can put barley on it if you want.  It does not make a difference!  (Jamie, 5B)


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Year 4

Year 4 (22nd May)

Part 1: You’re never too young to apply for work!

Breaking news!  Year 4 have signed up to be in  the Roman army.  Some of them want to be Legates, Archers, Doctors and even Mechanics.  But, are they up for it?  20 km walks with heavy armour!  People come from all over Italy and other parts of the world.

Even more breaking news!  Year 4 are trying to get away from their teachers too by trying to get in to the army!  But, if they are let in, will their teachers let them go…?  (Ethan, 4H)Ethan (Army Application Form)


Part 2: Drama Workshop

Rumours have been spreading around 4H about a drama workshop on Tuesday.  The day finally came and we were ready! We walked to the hall where 2 men taught us drama.   We have been learning about the Romans and Caesar and the class was all about this!  We acted 4 scenes from his life.  After this we had to put keys under the teacher’s chair and get back to our end of the hall without being seen! (Ben, 4H)


Part 3: The Museum of London

Last Monday, at 9 o’clock we set off to get the train to the Museum of London.  On the train, Joe and I were talking about Transformers and which movie we liked the most.  I personally loved the second one!

When we got to the museum we looked around and wrote on our answer sheets.  We learned that rich people could afford beds, chairs, windows, mosaics and poor people had no bed, chairs, blocked windows, earth floors and no space! Everyone loved the trip because it brought our topic alive!  Over all, it was a very good experience.  Thank you to our lovely teachers for organising such a fun day!  (Amir Ali, 4S)

trip 2    Trip 1

trip 3




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Year 3

Year 3 (22nd May)

An exciting week of film making!

Last week was so brilliant! 3B made short films.

  • Day 1:   We made a start in planning.
  • Day 2:   We made pictures that we can make in to props and backgrounds.
  • Day 3:   Learn how to use I-movie and film people!
  • Day 4:   Decorate props and backgrounds.
  • Day 5:  Film, yeah!!

It was the best week ever and so good we want to do it again please!! It was an amazing lesson. Thank you teachers for so much fun!!     (Lily, 3B)

A fantastic trip to the RAF Museum!

Last week our class went on a trip to the RAF museum, it was about World War 2.  It was really exciting because we got to see all of the airplanes. My favourite one had shark’s teeth painted on the airplane.  It is called a Kittyhawk.  We wore these uniforms that they wore in the real World War 2!  Also, there was this really cool play area and there were small and wooden airplanes that you can go and play inside.  Me and my friend played hide and seek!  We met a man from World War 2 who explained what happened in the war.  He also gave us passports in case the Police caught us and thought we were spies!

It was a REALLY fun trip and thank you so much to our teachers for planning it.  It was really fun and exciting.  (Dina, 4C).



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