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Year 4 News Round-up!

Rebecca & Shyaama – Elm Class

Hi Blog Club Readers!

The past few weeks our school has been changing!  There’s been building work all around the school and we are really excited for the results.  We can’t wait any longer to see our new class. Our Playground is closed in and now we don’t have enough space!  At least we can still go on our huge field!

Thank you for reading our blog and have a nice day!

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Running like Clockwork!


This extraordinary book is scarey and full of action.  It has been published by Phillip Pullman an amazing author who has also written His Dark Materials.  I would recommend this book to confident readers, aka 10+.

This story is about an apprentice clockmaker named Karl who was picked to make a fIgure for the new clock opening.  He had a whole year to complete it.  However, he had not done it.  Therefore, Karl was very nervous.  One day when Fritz, Karl’s friend, is telling a story at the pub about a man called Dr Kalmenius (who is evil and takes dead bodies at night) the exact description of him appears at the door.  Then everyone runs away except Karl.

Year 5 have been reading Clockwork for around 4 weeks do not read this if you are in Year 4 as there is a possibility you may read it in Year 5!  We recommend it as a 5* for suspense, excitement and adventure. Phillip Pullman is a very clever author as he linked 2, very different, stories in to 1.


  1. What was the name of the apprentice clockmaker?  a) Karl  b) Fritz c) Dr Kalmenius
  2. How long have Year 5 been reading this book for? a) 3 weeks b) 4 Weeks c) 5 weeks.
  3. Which of the following books has Phillip Pullman written? a) His Light Materials b) His Dark Materials c) His Ghostly Materials?
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Roman Mania!

Hello Blog Club Readers!

Samantha (Juniper Class)

In Year 4 we have been studying Roman Times.  In Rome, Caesar was the emperor.  Everybody loved him but not everybody liked him.  Some people wanted to kill him.  Brutus and Cassius wanted to kill him but Cassius was the most cruel.

When Casesar was being crowned, suddenly a bunch of nobleman rushed in with daggers in their hands.  Something so sad happened, they stabbed him 23 times and then he said to Brutus “I thought you were my friend!”.

After that, in class we made Roman Shields; there were 2 teams, blue and red.  First, we started off by writing our names then we painted the colours that we wanted to.  We let them dry and went on to the accessories.  The colours that we could chose for accessories were gold and silver.

When they were finished, we had a battle in the junior playground.  It was awesome!

Which colour do you think I chose?  (A) blue or (B) red?

Bye Bye!  I hope you liked my blog, see you next time!

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Year 4 Gladiators!

Rebecca – Elm Class

Hello Blog-club Readers,

As Miss Houchin said in assembly, we are learning about the Romans.

In English, we are learning the story of Julius Caesar because he was one of the most famous emperors in Rome.

In topic, we are making Roman Shields.  We have planned it out and they are turning out really good.  Some of them have had to be blue, some of them have had to be red.  We might take pictures of our shields so look out…

Thank you for looking at my blog.  Look at the other blogs!

PS Now we have shields, if you try to attack us, we will GET YOU!


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Meet some of our Bloggers!

Hello there!

Are you reading our blog?  Are you enjoying it?  Please then post a comment, below.   I am really proud of the work that these amazing pupils are doing.  They give up a lunchtime every week!  In case you don’t believe me; here’s Mariyah, Rebecca, Ela, Lenny and Kayson. After a hard lunchtime spent blogging; they have still managed big smiles!

Thanks for your support, Ms Sampson.



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Year 4’s Fantastic Maths!


In our workshop we needed to solve seven codes.

We were on a secret mission! One of the tasks was in a secret cupboard and next was the broken school.  This was like a puzzle made out of glass – it was quite easy and the code was B2. At the end we had a mission in a train station and the code was C2.  We solved all the puzzles and we saved the school – hooray!


During maths week we went to a workshop.  There were 7 codes.  There was the farm, the train, the broken school and the wrecked mansion.  There was also a professor’s lab and a hospital where we had to weigh packages to balance the scales and get the code.  My favourite was the farm because I was the leader and we solved it!

In the end, we saved the school.  Aren’t we clever?!

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Disco Fever!

Timmy (Birch Class)

We had the BEST disco EVER!

When I first got there I went to look around and guess what I found?  I FOUND A WHOLE CLASSROOM FILLED WITH SWEETS AND CAKE!  My friends and I had to go in a competition where you had to pass a balloon to the end of the line.  There were two teams; the first team was Miss Sampson’s and the second team was Mr Brecknell’s.  Mr Brecknell’s team won obviously because I was in his team and I win everything!

The School disco was so COOL!

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The Best Book Ever!

I have news everybody!  Mariyah (Willow Class) has found the best book, ever!  Here’s what she thinks about it….  (Ms S)

The best book ever, by Katherine Rundell, has just been published!  It is called The Explorer which I recommend to children and adults between 8 and 20 years old.

It is about 4 children who crash in to the Amazon Rainforest and come across many problems; such as what are they going to eat or drink?  All four of the children Fred, Con and siblings Max and Lila, all want to get to Manus.  But how are they going to get there?

This fascinating book is all about adventure. If you like the books The Girl of Ink and Stars or Murder Most Unladylike this is definately the book for you!  Three words to describe this book is fascinating, amazing and adventurous.  You can read this book as a printed version or on a kindle (a digital device where you can read books).  I recommend this book to children who are confident readers.  However, anyone can enjoy it; you can ask an adult (or even your teacher) to read it to you!

I hope you enjoy it.  If you read it, tell me what you think!  Mariyah.


Image result for the explorer katherine rundell

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Year 4 Go Wild!


On Monday 9th October 2017, Year 4 went on a trip to Wild Child.  If you went to Kingswood you stayed 2 days but in Wild Child we slept for 1 day.  If you came to our assembly you would have seen pictures, videos and birthday videos of all the fun we had!

On Tuesday 10th October 2017, it was my birthday,  In the middle of the night I was cold and there were spiders everywhere.  In the morning we packed our stuff and we ate breakfast.  We played activities then went home.

Thank you to our teachers!

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Year 3’s Open Air Extravaganza!


On our school trip we made shelters.  Some were big and some were small.  Mine was really small because we had small logs.  Then we had lunchtime and then playtime.

It was REALLY fun and I climbed to the top of a tree!  I was swinging on it like Tarzan!


Our trip was so much fun!  Our teachers put us in groups and we made shelters out of logs.  This was what people lived in in the Stoneage.  After lunch we made fires by making sparks with a metal rod and a sharp rock.  Next, we made houses but this time out of animal skin.

After that, we made symbols!  We got coal, smashed it on to rocks then put symbols on the trees.

We really had a good time!  Thank you to our teachers for taking us there.

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